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Winterfest 7 / Electric Eel Shock

Viva La Mort’s 7th annual Winterfest party, this year at Sakai Fandango with a free after party at Pineapple Express! From humble beginnings to lure people out of their house during the cold Osaka winter, we are proud to announce our biggest lineup yet!

Viva La Mortの第7回ウィンターフェストパーティー、今年は堺ファンダンゴで、パイナップルエクスプレスでは無料のアフターパーティーを開催!大阪の寒い冬に小さな始まりで人々を家から誘い出すように、最大のラインナップを発表できることを誇りに思います!

Electric Eel Shock
Dr. Snaxx
The Burro
Jaune Mullido

Food by Route 26

Doors open at 5:30pm and music starts at 6:00pm.

Free After Party at Pineapple Express with Deano and Waxman starts at 10pm.

¥2500 ADV / ¥3000 DOOR + 1 DRINK

Advance tickets available at Viva La Mort and Fandango.
For more information and reservations:
Live Bar Fandango
call 072-256-4326

Viva La MortとFandangoで前売りチケットを購入できます。
電話: 072-256-4326

“And now for the rules of Winterfest: there are none.”


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